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"Getting financially organized and taking responsibility is empowering and crucial to a peaceful mind and a healthy and long life. "

What is a Daily Money Manager?

A Daily Money Manager is a financial professional who provides personal financial services to  individuals and families, and who manages personal daily money matters such as bills, budgets, and record keeping and much more. A DMM provides personal financial services to older adults, people with disabilities, busy professionals, high net worth individuals, as well as services for small businesses.


Assistant & Daily Inspriation
DDV | Daily Money Management

Some Tips for Financial Empowerment and Serenity  
  • Daily 15 minute morning meditation

  • Daily yoga practice

  • Keeping a list of daily tasks and activities to work from throughout the day

  • Keeping an organized desk and work area free of clutter and disorganization

  • Eating mindfully

  • Making sure to take breaks and short walks to clear my mind

  • Ending my day with a long walk or workout

As an entrepreneur and small business owner, I understand the stress of monthly bill paying - from opening the mail to paying bills on time, reconciling checking accounts and credit card statements, filing and organizing receipts and creating a budget that works for you and your lifestyle.


As a former professional actress living in New York City, I know too well the struggle and stress associated with a fluctuating income, living within one’s means and adhering to a budget that allows one to live life fully instead of remaining frozen, afraid to deal with what is before you. Achieving a sense of peace and empowerment over your financial obligations allows you to move forward in a mindful manner leading to a sense of calm and peace of mind.

Two years ago, my dad, a healthy and active 87 year old, suddenly fell seriously ill. For the six months before his passing, my mother, brother and I were thrown into the world of insurance claims, rehab and nursing facilities, the healthcare/Medicare and eldercare system, figuring out daily home care, managing medications, doctor appointments and eventually, hospice care. Once he passed away, there were numerous questions for the lawyers because the future financial picture for my mom was of concern. To say it was overwhelming is a gross understatement. Fortunately, for my mother, brother and I, we were blessed to have supportive, loving and helpful friends and family that we could lean on and talk to and help us as we made our way through the pain and devastating loss.

One of the nurses pulled me aside one day to tell me that the majority of their patients were lucky if a family member came to visit them every month let alone be with them every day as my mother, brother and I had for my dad. That really stuck with me. When I decided to go into private practice as a Daily Money Manager, it was to help those on their own as well as those with family to create solutions and address life’s many obstacles.

Achieving a sense of serenity and empowerment over your financial obligations is important for your peace of mind as well as your overall health. I'm here to help if you're feeling lost or stressed due to a change in marital status, recent retirement or a change in career and family obligations. Privacy and discretion are tantamount to achieving trust and confidence and I will execute both to the fullest.


And finally, a crucial component to a peaceful mind and a long life is being financially organized and taking care of your present and future financial responsibilities - for yourself and for your loved ones. 


Education & Associations

I hold a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and attended Bowdoin College and the National Theater Institute.

I am a proud member of the Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) and an active member of the CT Chapter of AADMM.

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