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Small Business.

Financial Organization
Record Keeping
  • Keep track of all the business’ financial transactions

  • Maintain accurate financial records

  • Keep the accounting filing system in order

  • Oversee the business’ inventory and cash flow

  • Manage the annual budget and petty cash fund

  • Calculate budget variances and report any significant issues

  • Pay suppliers, customers, and debts on time

  • Manage debt levels to ensure debt covenant compliance

  • Enforce sales tax collection from customers and remit them to the government

  • Ensure the prompt collection of receivables

  • Balance the financial books by reconciling them with bank statements

  • Communicate financial issues to the management

  • Generate financial reports with analysis of the financial statements

  • Provide the information accountants and auditors need for their reports and audit

  • Follow the standard accounting procedures and policies

  • Ensure compliance with the local, state, and federal government’s reporting requirements

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