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No time like the present...

Anxiety surrounding our finances is something that many of us live with daily. We do our best to deal with bills, savings, monitoring our portfolios and accounts but let’s face it, there are more enjoyable things to do than plan, budget and deal with our current and future financial obligations. So, we put the bills aside until they are past due; the budget gets stymied when an unexpected expense presents itself; and our savings dwindle when our shopping habit is sated when we splurge on that shiny "must have" treat. Many of us live with a mentality of "lack" while others spend until a negative balance appears in the checking account.

Organization, budgeting and saving are all doable when our mindset and relationship to money are synchronized. Only then can anxiety be replaced with relief and peace – and more money in your bank account.

How do we achieve this so-called relief and peace from our financial anxieties? Below are some actions you can take NOW to alleviate your stress and anxiety and open a path to peace, calm and abundance into your daily money matters.

Get Organized.

Start by sorting through your bills, accounts and bank statements and create schedules for timely payments and monthly reconciliation of accounts. Put all paperwork and files in order and make them easily accessible (I prefer to use 3” binders with tabs separating bills and accounts rather than the traditional hanging file folder method.)


Find a time every day to be still to release any negativity and anxiety. Start with just 15 minutes every morning. There are a number of mindfulness apps you can access, many of them offer free trial periods such as headspace, Calm, mindfulness and breethe.

Take baby steps.

Create a list once you’re organized and remember to take one thing at a time. Not all things at once. Congratulate yourself every time you accomplish a task. This is big stuff! Don’t minimize what you are doing in any way. Be patient. You’ll be more likely to complete your “list” when you practice patience in addition to being kind and supportive to yourself.

Yoga and Exercise.

Exercise, brisk walks, wandering hikes and yoga are greatly beneficial to release stress and anxiety and restore balance and peace. Life is challenging and it is important to take care of our mind and body through any one of these modalities. Physical activity improves concentration, mental acuity, strength, circulation and flexibility helping to reduce your anxieties so you can focus on the things that really matter to you such as your family, relationships, priorities and goals.

Hiring a Daily Money Manager (DMM) and talking openly about your personal finances and goals adds great value to one of your biggest assets - your time. When a DMM takes over the work of paying your bills, writing checks and reconciling your accounts among other tasks, your freedom is restored to focus on your priorities. A DMM will help you get financially organized as well as provide assistance with estate planning, financial budgeting and goal setting.

You have the opportunity every moment of every day to change what no longer serves you and take control of the things that are getting away from you. I've worked with professionals, entrepreneurs, individuals and small businesses to help them achieve peace of mind over their financial obligations. There is always a way to build a better life for yourself and to engage in mindful actions that lead to your financial wellness.

If you're interested in working with me, please email me at or visit my website to learn how I can help you with your daily money matters and financial outlook.


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